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  • 9/6/2014


Dear Customers;
Since that the training courses mentioned in our Year plan, do not present all the training courses that CINPAA is able to implement, we decided to provide this new service, that allow CINPAA clients to share in designing new training courses to meet their needs.
How the Service is provided:
1- Client determines the course name, on which he wants to make nominations. 
2- Client mentions the job title(s) of the nominee(s) for the training course. 
3- Client determines (if possible) the main topics required to be discussed in the training course. 
4- Client determines course date and venue as he needs. 
• Provided the above mentioned information, CINPAA's Experts will design the Training Course according to the client needs, and reply to the client on the contact details mentioned on the Registration on  
• The Training Course will be ready and sent to the client during maximum 72 hours from receiving the required details.
Dear Customers,
Should you need any service to develop the Human Skills, please do not hesitate to 
contact us.

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