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The Psychology of Leadership. © ‏March 3 - 7, 2014 LONDON, UK

  • 2/12/2014

The Psychology of Leadership. ©


‏March 3 - 7, 2014


After the course, you will return to work confident in analyzing your own leadership style, and understand the essential psychological aspects of strategic, operational and front-line leadership. If you’re an HR practitioner, you'll gain the skills to evaluate and apply psychometric approaches that contribute to leadership selection and development.


By the end of this training program, participants will be able to: 

  1. Strengthen manager's confidence in managing the organization and his team, guiding their employees with a motivating leadership for 21st Century Challenge.
  2.   Creating an Inspirational Vision of the Future.
  3.  Develop improved and consistent management level decision-making 
  4. Boost the performance and productivity of departments and employees 
  5.  Increase the accountability and responsibility levels of employees 
  6. Establish confidence and trust with employees through consistent management actions.
  7.   Change behavior and performance with more effective feedback Introduction to performance management and measurement.
  8.   Reasons for undertaking a balanced scorecard project.
  9.  Similarities and differences among BSC and other performance systems.

10. Identify what employees really need from you as a leader and tools to deliver it.





Day 1 -  


      The Management Skills For Leaders

      The Managerial-Leadership Roles 

      Clarify the roles and responsibilities of managerial leadership and learn how to balance them

       Build and sustain a productive and cohesive office team, including planning and executing effective meetings.

      The psychological framework of leadership, overview of main concepts


Day 2 -  


      The basis of emotionally intelligent leadership

      The impact of operational leadership style on organizational atmosphere and climate

      Avoiding the toxic leadership trap

      Developing effective leadership at the team level including senior management teams

      How leaders can improve the operation of a dysfunctional team.


Day 3 -  


      How leaders can improve the operation of a dysfunctional team

      Effective change leadership

      The seven core capabilities of leadership at the front-line, operational and strategic levels

      The transformational development stages of the leader

      Leadership assessment and development


Day 4 -  


      The 21st Century challenges.

      Initiate and implement change well.

       Difficult Leadership Situations 

      Developing the Foundation for Constructive Leadership

      Establishing confidence and trust with our employees


Day 5 -  


      Understanding the influence of leadership styles on employee behavior

       Leadership Styles- common traits of successful off-site leaders 

      Dealing with different personalities.

       Using common sense motivating factors.

       Leadership styles needed to be a positive role model 




This course is suitable for seniors, Middle Managers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Supervisors, Executives and all who are responsible for managing teams or individuals.


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