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Criteria four facets of the modern intelligent leadership©. ‏

  • 2/7/2014

The training course:


Criteria four facets of the modern intelligent leadership©. ‏


24 - 28 March 2014    MARRIOTT HOTEL. 



We are in CINPAA so proud to offer you the latest leadership concepts and practices to give participants a firm grounding in the advanced skills and knowledge required for a successful HR Professional. Case study analysis and business simulation form the core of the program content, reinforced by practical tasks such as experiential activities and role plays.


     To provide participants with the skills necessary to identify the theoretical basis and applied to the entrance of leadership

    Procedures and practices in leadership development, supervisory and motivational.



    Know the four facets of the leadership attributes and Commander.

    Identify the concepts of leadership practices and smart ways to develop them.

    The difference between leadership and management and the main pillars of the work of leadership.

    Leadership role in guiding the organization cultures.

    Human relations and their role in leadership practices.

    The concept of human relationships.

    Human relations and leadership Free.

    Human relations and Situational Leadership.

    The development of smart leadership practices.

    Outlook for developed patterns of leadership.

    Leadership practices of the leader during his work, according to leadership styles.

    Leadership and management practices and knowledge management.

    Leadership and management practices and Crisis Management.

    Leadership Strategies innovative and creative.

    System of innovation and creativity ( concept and creativity )


    The road to innovation and creativity ( steps - the skills required )

    Modern techniques for strategic innovation.

    Advanced streams of innovation.

    Strategic change in modern organizations.

    Criteria for strategic innovation in enterprises.

    Mechanisms for the management of the innovation process.

    Strategic organization.

    Organization's vision , mission and its provisions

    The goals of innovation and its standards

    Ability to innovate sustainable

    Criteria for evaluating the variables - the concept of variables

    Strategic Innovation in determining the variables

    Types of variables ( environmental - technology - educational - administrative )

    Administrative analysis variables - the leading standards of excellence - excellence concept - elements of Leadership Excellence -

    Skills Leadership Excellence .

    The five practices for Leadership Excellence

    Leadership based on principles.

    Principle - Centered-Leadership.

    Eight steps to lead the change towards excellence.

    Veginyaom Award for Leadership Excellence - five

    (Planning - working - operation - performance - a passion for excellence )

    Strategic thinking forms the most important fact to achieve excellence and creativity.

    Continuity of strategic thinking.

    Requirements to achieve continuity of strategic thinking.

    Some of the terms that are used in strategic thinking.

    Mirrored strategic directions.

    Applied Cases process.






Human Resources and Related Executives, who wish to broaden, sharpen and deepen their HR management and related competencies.

This program will surely also benefits Business Owners, Directors, General Managers, Managers, Division Heads, Department Heads and all those who also wish to broaden, sharpen and deepen their skills and knowledge of HR management and its strategic implications in today business environment.


workshop Methodology:

The program will be conducted along workshop principles with formal lectures, case studies and interactive worked examples. Relevant case studies will be provided to illustrate the application of each topic in an operations environment.

Each learning point will be re-enforced with practical exercises.

Difficult concepts are minimized wherever possible and handled in a visual way that is easy to understand with examples demonstrated.

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