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Mastering Presentation Skills with Confidence & Control ©. ‏‏LONDON, UK September 13 - 17, 2015

  • 2/10/2015

The training course:


Mastering Presentation Skills with Confidence & Control ©. ‏


September 13 - 17, 2015   




We are in CINPAA  so proud to offer you this program.

Have you ever watched someone making a powerful presentation and wished you could do the same? Do you find yourself fearful of standing in public making a presentation, or speech?

It has been said that presenting and talking to groups is one of the most stressful experiences for many people: in fact speaking in public is the number one phobia in the world today. This poses a dilemma, in that most presentations are not just about distributing information, they are also about building or losing reputations

This interactive seminar offers you all the tools needed to become a professional, confident and proficient public speaker. In this programme you will learn how to:

                Significantly improve the standard, professionalism and impact of presentations.


                Analyses and improve upon the communication of information from a presenter to an audience.

                Investigate confidence, audience control and charisma and reproduce both.

                Harness nervous energy to ensure you deliver your message in a clear, relevant and meaningful way for a range of different audiences.

                Plan and structure a presentation, design visual aids, and prepare for audience interaction.


 Participants attending this seminar will be able:

  1. To improve self-image and build confidence
  2. To overcome nerves in order to present effectively
  3. To be more assertive when presenting
  4. To improve competency to communicate a message to an audience
  5. To be able to structure a presentation to ensure a positive outcome
  6. To communicate complex information in a memorable way
  7. To use visual aids appropriately and effectively

8.  To handle audience interaction 





Day 1 - Creating the Right Message

    Introduction to the course outlines and objectives.

    Introductory presentations and feedback.

    What makes a speaker appear confident.

    The secrets of charisma and confidence.

    Harnessing and controlling nerves in a creative way.

    Everything we do influences others

    Key messages received from presentations and top presenter.

    Improving congruity of message and heightening competencies.

    State management, what it means and how to use it to your advantage.

    Conscious and sub-conscious messages

Day 2 - The Importance of Body Language

    The importance of good eye contact in presenting.

    Body language and the part it plays in presentations.

    Assertiveness and the presenter.

    Stance, confidence and professionalism.

    The non-verbal impact of  presentations.

    Using the body to create impact.

    The importance of gestures.

    Putting it all together.

Day 3 - Effective use of Voice and Tone

    Focusing on what we learned yesterday

    The vocal skills of top presenters

    Increased emphasis, tonality and tonal marking

    Breathing, vocal resonance projection and pitch

    The power of the pause and speed variation

    Language patterns and mutual respect

    Increasing the sensory versatilities of you audience

    End of day presentations

Day 4 - Perfecting the Planning Process

    Planning for the perfect presentation

    Audience focussed objectives

    Researching the audience and setting time related objectives

    Venue considerations and why they are so important

    The differing skills for small or platform presentations

    Content and the message the  audience receives

    Visual aids, what are they and how they should be used

    Presenting for maximum impact

Day 5 - How to use Visual Aids Effectively

    Discussions of the skills learned and what they mean

    Designing impactful and appropriate visual aids

    The use, control and sequencing of marketing visuals

    Creating audience interaction with visual aids

    Powerful techniques for use with visuals

    Using PowerPoint effectively

    How to influence an audience and handle questions with ease

    The final presentations





Human Resources and Related Executives, who wish to broaden, sharpen and deepen their HR management and related competencies.

This program will surely also benefits Business Owners, Directors, General Managers, Managers, Division Heads, Department Heads and all those who also wish to broaden, sharpen and deepen their skills and knowledge of HR management and its strategic implications in today business environment.


workshop Methodology:

 The programme is highly participative, constructive and enjoyable with 100% of the time being devoted to the acquisition of relevant practical skills. Results are achieved through a series of videoed presentations.  These are designed as a ‘vehicle’ to practice the skills, which have been introduced in formal input sessions by the tutor.

There will be the opportunity to present during each workshop, and to learn the skills from a variety of ‘perceptual positions’. Each participant will receive individual attention, coaching and feedback from the Performance Coach appropriate to their personal development potential. Encouragement is given to experiment with different presentation styles and to gauge the effect upon the audience

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