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Management and Entrepreneurship Programs

Total Quality Management from an Integrative Holistic Perspective

Total Quality Management Strategies

Total Quality Management (Your Customized Program)

Total Quality Management from A to Z

Integrated Approach for Total Quality Management and its Applications in Organizations

Total Quality Management Strategies and Measuring Organizational Performance

Administrative Reform Strategies and their Relation to Total Quality and Organizational Performance

Applied Total Quality Management

Applied Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management from a Renewable Perspective

Total Quality Management Using Sigma ( σ )

New Strategies in Modern Management

Modern Management of Total Maintenance Management Systems and its Applications in Total Quality Management Systems

Integrated Approach for the Practical Skills of Modern Management

Integrated Approach for the Practical Skills of Total Quality Management

Modern Strategies for Performance Evaluation and Improvement

Effective Total Management for All Projects’ Phases

Effective Management and Activating Quality in Services and Industries

Modern Management with Applying Total Management Concepts

Modern Methods for Monitoring and Improving Total Quality

Modern Techniques of Quality Assurance

Advanced Methods of Production Quality Management

Integrated Approach for Projects Management and Evaluation

Modern Projects Management

Integrated Approach in Reengineering Management Operations

Renewable Developments in Reengineering Management Operations

Reengineering Management Operations from an Integrative Holistic Perspective

Quantitative Tools and Methods Used in Projects Management

Modern Advertizing Method for Projects Success

Integrated Program for Projects Management

Integrated Program for Buildings and Facilities Maintenance

Strategic Planning and Projects Management

Strategic Planning and Projects Evaluation

Modern Techniques for Projects Managers

Modern Management for Developing Engineering and Construction Projects

Practical Techniques for Projects Management

Monitoring and Control on Projects Implementation from a Modern Perspective

Total Quality Management from A to Z

Total Quality Management (Your Customized Program)

Total Quality Management Strategies

Total Quality Management from an Integrative Holistic Perspective

Recent Trends in Etiquette and Dealing with the Public

A+ Essentials 2009: Computer Hardware Components

Microsoft Windows Share Point Services 3.0

Information Systems Risk Management

Strategies for Developing Legal Skills & Drafting Contracts

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NEW INSIGHTS INTO THE TRAINING OF MODERN TRAINERS رؤى جديدة في تدريب المدربين العصريين

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Mastering the Training Cycle for Supervisors

Strategies for Developing Legal Skills & Drafting Contracts

Safety Equipment Techniques and Management ©

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London, UK



Information Security Management


إدارة وتنظيم وتصنيف الوثائق والمحفوظات. © ‏

المهارات الحديثة في تطوير الذات والاتصال الفعال © ‏ ‏

Delivering Transformational Change


Administrative Series 1: Developing Positive Attitudes & Habits At The Workplace

Accounting & Budgeting in the Petroleum Industry

Understanding Total Quality Management (TQM)

Administrative Series 2: Enhancing Key Skills At The Workplace

Strategic Planning, Management Control & Effective Budgeting

AVIRA Leadership: Awareness, Vision, Imagination, Responsibility & Action

Personal Success & Leadership Program - Creating A Success Mindset and Alignment with Organization

Negotiation Skills Workshop for Oil and Gas Contracts

Criteria four facets of the modern intelligent leadership©. ‏

تخطيط الأعمال وتحسين العمليات - الطريق إلى تحقيق افضل النتائج

المناظير الحديثة في العلاقات العامة و الادارة.©

استرتيجيات ادارة الافراد وفرق العمل

The Complete Course on Contracts & Project Management

تنمية مهارات مسئولي المخازن والمستودعات ©.

الاتجاهات المعاصرة في التدقيق الداخلي والرقابة الادارية

Human Resource Management

Modern Trends in Human Resource Management

Modern Trends in Developing Higher Education and its Methods of Measurement and Evaluation

Integrated Skills in Training of Training and Training Management

Modern Strategies in Training Needs Assessment

Total Quality Management in Qualification and Training Programs

Integral Skills in Public Relations Management and the Art of Dealing with VIPs

Customer Service and the Art of Dealing with the Public

Integrated Approach for Developing Training Managers

Modern Approach for Training Management in Government Agencies and Organizations

Developing Management, Supervision and Leadership Skills

Total Quality Management and the ISO in Higher Education

Integrated Skills in Managing Crisis, Risks, Disasters, and Catastrophes

Integrated Skills in Projects Management, Planning and Evaluation

Reengineering Management operations in Training

Engineering Qualification and Training Programs

Engineering Success and Self Development

Advanced Approach in Electronic Management

Integrated Skills in Change Management and Reengineering Management Operations

Security and Safety Strategies for Buildings and Facilities

Modern Skills in Public Security and Safety

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Communication, Dialog, Discussion and Listening Skills

Negotiation Skills

Working and Thinking Methods Development

The Six Hats

Middle Management Skills

Intelligent Selling Skills

Managerial Writing and Reporting

Electronic Managerial Writing and Reporting Course

Inventory Control

Modern Selling Skills and Selling to Difficult Customers

Financial Planning

Preventive Maintenance

The Effective Manager

Strategic Plans Application and Measurement Tools

Principles of Operations Planning and Implementation

Setting Annual Management Plans on the Departments and Organizations Level

Preparing Annual Plans for Divisions in Government Departments

Preparing Operational Plans and Programs

Effective Planning Skills and Patterns

Using Various Analytical Methods in the Strategic Planning Process

Futurology Strategies and Long-term Strategic Planning Methods

Strategic Planning and Management with the Concept of Balanced Scorecard

Strategic Planning and Management for the Nonprofit Sectors

Modern Methods of Planning and Forecasting the Future

Modern Methods of Planning and Controlling Operations Implementation

Modern Trends in Innovation and Strategic Planning

Contemporary Trends in Strategic Planning

Modern Strategies for Innovation and Strategic Planning

Modern Strategies for Innovation and Excellent Planning and Achieving Strategic Goals

The Practical Program for Writing Strategic Plans

Advanced Strategic Planning and Analysis

Effective Management Planning

Management Planning from Strategy to Scheduling

Management Planning and Strategic Management

Competitive Strategic management

Effective Strategic Planning within International Competition Environment

Effective Strategic Planning and Future Management Methods

Strategic Planning in the Japanese Management

Strategic Planning Using the Balanced Outcomes Principle

Strategic Planning in Government Institutions

Strategic Planning in Financial Institutions

Strategic Planning in a Changing World

Strategic Planning in Facing Contemporary Challenges and the Role of the Balance Scorecard (BSC) in Development and Change

Strategic Planning for Successful Management

Strategic Planning for High-ranking and Top Managers

Strategic Planning for Information Technology

Strategic Planning for Top Management

Strategic Planning for Production

Strategic Planning for Investment

Strategic Planning for Excellence in the Government Sector

Strategic Planning for the Public Sector: Principles and Methods of Strategic Management

Strategic Management: Is the Future Risk-free?

Strategic Planning and Performance Management

Strategic Planning and Change Management

Strategic Planning and Change Management within the Institution

Strategic Planning and Preparing Budgets

Strategic Planning and Preparing Budgets in Government Divisions

Strategic Planning and Preparing and Writing Proposals and Recommendations for Strategic Projects

Strategic Planning and Making Financial Decisions

Strategic Planning and Strategic Management

Strategic Planning and Strategic Management in the Light of Globalization

Strategic Planning and Management by Objectives

Strategic Planning and Creative Thinking

Strategic Planning and Creative Thinking in the Light of Globalization

Strategic Planning and Forecasting: Introduction to Support

Strategic Planning and Working According a Systematic Scenario

Strategic Planning and Developing Performance of Modern Institutions and Organizations

Strategic Planning and Developing Organizations Performance

Strategic Planning and Developing Work Plans

Strategic Planning and Developing Research and Development Projects

Strategic Planning and Future Management Skills

Strategic Planning and Engineering Change

Strategic Planning Through Implementing Total Quality Systems

Strategic Planning and Creative Thinking in the Light of Globalization

Environmental Planning and Results Evaluation

Operational Planning: How to Plan Effectively in the Short-term

Good Succession Planning and Developing Career Paths of the Workforce to Motivate Subordinates

Planning Time and Streamlined Transaction Processing

Effective Planning for Training and Development Operations

National, Regional and Domestic Planning

Financial Planning and Budgeting Planning

Scenario Planning

Planning Based on Risk Assessment

Planning Using Strategic Information Systems

Planning for Creating Change

Planning for Administrative Development in the Arab World

Planning for Career Development

Planning for Life and Achieving Success

Planning for Emergencies and Crisis Management

Planning for Businesses

Planning, Creative Thinking, and Managing Strategically

Operational Planning and Monitoring: How to Plan Activities and Monitor Performance on the Short-term

Planning and Monitoring at the Core of Effective Management

Planning, Control, and Performance and Results Evaluation

Planning and the Art of Turning Ideas into Work Plans and Programs

Planning and Implementation Control

Strategic Thinking for Supervising Leaders

Strategic Thinking for Top Leaders

Strategic Thinking for Managers and Businessmen

Participation in Strategic Planning and Managing Development Projects

Analyzing and Designing Strategic Planning Systems

Production Planning in the Light of International Standards

Production Planning in the Light of International Standards and Variables


Conducting Business Research & Strategies

Basel III and Risk Management

Advanced Award in Performance Management - Competency-based route

Effective Time, Task and Work Planning

Life Cycle Costing (LLC)

Human Error Analysis & Prevention

Organization Development for HR Leaders

Energy Management, Environment and Sustainable Development

Aligning Human Resources to Strategy

Human Resources Planning and Manpower Budgeting Skills

Criteria four facets of the modern intelligent leadership©. ‏


Leadership Development: Self-Awareness, Skills and Strategies ©. ‏

Certified Training and Career Development Specialist. ©‏‏ ‏‏


Procedures for Building a Training for Trainers Program

Managing the Training Materials

Managing the Distinguished Trainer

Managing Transforming the Training

Managing the Training Process

Managing and Implementing the Training Process

Training Tools: High-tech

Training Evaluation Tools

Training Needs Assessment Tools

Trainers Tools and Duties

Trainers Roles and Competencies

Training Fundamentals

Fundamentals and Justifications of Creating Training Costs

Training Methods

Domestic Needs Assessment Methods

Methods for Developing Management Leadership

Fundamentals of Management Training

Fundamentals and Scope for Training Executive Managers

Method for Maintaining Trainees Interest

Preparing the Modern Training Manager

Preparing the Effective Training Manager

Preparing the Effective Training Manager and the Art of Forming and Designing the Training Plan

Preparing Training Managers for Facing Challenges

Preparing Training Officers

Preparing Training Coordinators

Preparing and Using Training Aids

Preparing Training Specialists

Preparing Training Specialists and Analysts

Preparing Human Resources and Training Specialists

Preparing the Trainer – First Level

Training of Trainers (TOT)

Preparing and Setting Electronic Training Plans and Budgets

Preparing and Designing Training Plans and Budgets

Preparing and Designing Training Programs and Curriculums

Preparing and Designing Training Plans Using Computers

Horizons of Leadership Training

Producing Training Materials Using Computers

Producing and Writing Educational and Training Materials

Types of Training Needs

Types of Trainees and Methods for Dealing with Each Type

Types of Trainers and the Most Effective Trainer

Improving Performance of the Management Training Programs

Achieving Total Quality in Training

Analyzing Training Needs and Measuring the Return on Training

Analyzing Training Needs for the Individual

Transferring the Training: Strategies of Putting the Training Impact into Application

Planning Training Needs – Applied Introduction

Total Quality Applications in Training and Career Development

Total Quality Applications in Training

Developing Training Strategies

Developing Skills of Training Coordinators and Controlling Program Implementation and Measuring Return on Training

London, UK

Promoting Positive Management Behaviour

Power Negotiation Using Psychological Tools

Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry

Social Work

Managing Volunteering Efforts

Managing Development Programs

Managing Development and Ambitions of Economic and Social Development

Total Quality Management in Social Welfare Organizations

Social Services Management

Social Institutions Management

Managing Volunteers

Managing Charity Projects

Managing Development Projects and Human Resources

Managing International Aid and Grants and its Impact on the Overall Development

Nonprofit Organizations Management

Managing Human Resources and Social Institutions

Managing Development Policies

Managing and Marketing Voluntary Work

Integrating Concepts of Gender into Development

Methods for Studying Charity Work in the Arab World

Using Scientific Research in the Needs Assessment of Social Services Projects

Empowerment Strategies in Development Planning

Modern Trends in Managing Social Services Organizations

Quick Search in Participation and Community Development

Strategic Planning for Nongovernmental Organizations

Strategic Planning for Voluntary Bodies

Legal and Social Empowerment of Rural Women

Empowering the Local Community in Charity Work

Women Development: Gender

Financial and Human Resource Development in Charity Organizations

Evaluating Practices in Social Service and Youth Welfare

Providing Technical Support to Organizations in the Various Activities

Professional Applications in Social Service

Resources Development and Recruitment in Community Development Organizations

Local and International Studies and Experiments in Social Advocacy

The Role of Arab Women in Social Development

The Role of Arab Women in Sustainable Development and Civil Society Organizations

Social Psychology in Social Work and Youth Welfare

Measuring Performance Indicators in Charity Work

Performance Monitoring and Control from Gender Perspective

Developing Youth Skills for Preserving Social Peace

Developing Mechanisms of Caution and Awareness of the Undesirable for Groups and Individuals

The Psychology of Leadership

Positive Approaches to Change

Positive Psychology at Work

TOPS (Think & Act Customer, Think Quality, Take Pride)

Corporate Social Responsibility

،اسبانيا 2017 برنامج العطلة الصيفية للفتيان والشباب

Self-development and Thinking and Innovative Management

Basic Skills for Activating and Strengthening the Memory

Self-development and Eliminating Mental Disorders

Succession Strategies and Policies and Forming the Second Line of Management Leadership

Innovative Leadership and the Dynamics of Building Self-directed Work Teams

Innovation in Decision-making and Transforming Creative Ideas into Operational Plans

Creativity and Innovation: Role of the Arab Manger in Innovation and Excellence

Administrative Innovation and Excellence and Achieving Innovation Leadership - Advanced

Senior Management for Women Leaders

Visual Management with the Japanese "Kaizen" System

Visual Management as an Introduction to Performance Improvement According to Kaizen Principles

The Japanese Management and the Chinese Experience in Crisis Management and Problem Solving

Japanese Management and the Asian Tigers Experience in Crisis Management and Problem Solving

The McKinsey Mind: How to Become a Consultant to your Firm and Use Consulting Tools

Extensive Interest in the Employee in Japanese Management

The Four Aspects of Leadership and Developing Management Operations According to Concepts of Sigma ( σ )

European Definition of Economically Effective Government Institutions

Management Excellence in Government Divisions and Bodies

Management Excellence and Building Excellent Work Teams and Units

Excellence in Developing Skills of Delegation and Empowerment and Power Paths

The Six Hats in Thinking and their Use in Management

Superior Managerial Leadership under Modern International Changes and Building Leadership Quality Standards

Managerial Leadership in the Government and Private Sectors

Supervisory Leadership and Strategic Thinking for Top Management Office Managers

Situational Leadership

Effective Leadership, Dynamics of Teamwork for Department Heads and Supervisors, and Innovative Performance

Innovative Leadership and Organizations Change and Development Strategies

International Managers and Designing Change Engineering: Preparing Future Leaders

Innovative International Manager and Engineering Change in the New Century

Effective Managers and Motivation and Achieving Employee Satisfaction Skills

Excellent Managers: Effective Management and Behavioral Skills

European Approach for Creating Management and Innovative Excellence for Middle Leaders

Modern Approach to Self-development for Administrative Assistants

Integrated Approach for Preparing Middle Management

Integrated Approach for Preparing New Managers

Integrated Approach for Preparing New Supervisors

Integrated Approach for Preparing Women Supervisory leadership

Integrated Approach for Developing Leadership Skills for Women Leaders

Integrated Approach for Developing Supervisory Leadership Skills for Engineers and Monitors

Integrated Approach for Department Heads

Integrated Approach for Administrative Leaders

Integrated Approach for the Modern Manager

Integrated Approach and Preparing New Managers and Developing their Skills

Integrated Approach for Improving the Management Decision-making Process

Japanese Approach for Improving Performance with Concepts of Kaizen

Effective Innovative Skills for Women Leaders under Total Quality Approach

Creative and Innovative Skills for Leaders, Managers, and Department Heads

Management Skills and Modern Standards in Managerial Development

Basic Skills for Managers, Leaders, and Managerial Decision-makers

Integrated Skills for Department Heads - for Women

Administrative skills and Behaviors for Department Heads

The American Model to Corporate Governance for Administrative and Structural Reform

Advanced European Model for Excellence in Administrative Performance and Improving Organizational Performance (EFQM)

Administrative Engineering and Applications of Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Achieving Outstanding Performance Using the Balanced Performance Approach and Sigma (σ) in Government Ministries

The (triz) Program for Innovative Problem Solving

Applications and Techniques of the European Model for Achieving Organizational Excellence EFQM

Evaluating Strategic performance in the Government Sector – Kaizen International Standards

European Excellence EFQM Award

Characteristics and Features of European Management

Secret of Japanese Management: Directing the Company using Management Compass by (Hoshin Kanri)

Monitoring and Evaluation Models for Activities and Programs Performance in Government and the Private Sector

Self Reengineering and Discovery

Time Management: How to Manage your Time and be able to Accomplish more

Innovations Secrets in American, European, and Japanese Organizations

Reengineering Government Administrations in Light of International Developments

Preparing New Supervisors

Preparing Work Plans and Turning Ideas into Programs and Evaluating Performance

Preparing and Training Leaders: Developing Basic Behavioral and Intellectual Skills of Future Leaders

Importance of Training Needs Assessment

Transforming Training Strategies

Motivational Training Strategy

Theoretical Fundamentals of Training Planning

Fundamentals and Scientific Principles of Training

Modern Trends in Training

Practical Leadership Skills

Disaster Recovery Planning: Ensuring Business Continuity

Talent Management: How to Attract, Retain and Develop for Performance

Management Skills and Techniques: Goal Setting, Planning & Task Management

Employee Empowerment & Engagement

Mental Fitness and Behavioral Skills Development

Cost Analysis to Support Strategic Decisions

Vision, Goal Setting, Planning Skills

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