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First: Leaders, Managers, and Consultants with the Rank of Director

1. Modern Concepts and Trends in Managerial Leadership

Managing Stress, Crisis, and Conflict in Institutions

1. Modern Concepts and Trends in Managerial Leadership

Managing Stress, Crisis, and Conflict in Institutions

Simplified Approach to Quantitative Statistical Methods for Leaders and Decision-makers

Integrated Approach for Training Management

Modern Trends and Integrated Systems for Training and Personnel Affairs Management

Modern Approach to Excellence and Innovation

Integrated and Comprehensive Approach to Modern Management for Top Managers

Reengineering Management Operations in Government Institutions and Organizations

Modern Methods of Strategic Planning for Top Managers

Planning and Entrepreneurship in Setting Goals and Plans

Planning and Entrepreneurship in Setting Goals and Plans

The Seven Leadership Skills for Supervisory Levels

Modern Supervisory Management and Developing Effective Performance

Modern Skills in Time Management and Delegation of Powers

Innovative Manager, Leadership, and the New Trends in Management

Organisation Development for HR Leaders

Personal Success & Leadership Programme - Creating A Success Mindset and Alignment with Organization

Advanced Leadership Skills (Inspiring, Leading and Managing Organizations Towards Peak Performance)


Emotional Intelligence @ Work

Best Practices in Shift Operations

PLASMA …… Personality, Leadership and Style of Management

The Psychology of Leadership

Mastering Presentation Skills with Confidence & Control ©. ‏

Advanced Administration Skills, Planning, Communication, & Performance Appraisal. ©‏‏

Fourth: Managing Financial Affairs

• Special Programs for Accounts and Budgets Staff

Contemporary trends in Identifying Cost Components, Accounting, Preparation of Statements and Reports, and Maintaining Tighter Control

Modern skills in Auditing and Performance Evaluation.

Contemporary Trends in Writing and Preparing Accounting Reports

Integrated Approach to Accounting for Financial Affairs Staff

Planning for the Various Branches of Accounting

Writing and Preparing Financial Reports Skills

Skills of Financial Departments Staff and Financial Analysis

Financial Policies using Modern Technology

Finance and Accounting for Non-accountants in the Management of Financial Affairs

Effective Methods in Preparing Planning Budgets and Cost Management

Contemporary Skills in Budgeting using Target Costs

Accounting Skills for Financial Officers

Effective Skills in Accounting Information.

Modern Concepts and Methods in Decision Support.

Recent and Future Trends in the Accounting Thought

Effective Skills for Government Accounting Staff

Integrated Approach in Preparing Financial Statements and Measure Financial Performance for Financial Officers

Modern Skills for Planning Budgets and Cost Management

New Skills in Procurement Negotiations, and Internal and External Procurement

Modern Management of Procurement and Stocks Processes

Modern Strategies of Procurement Management Based on Total Quality Management

Modern Skills in Preparing Tenders for Procurement Departments

Tenders Comprehensive Program

Modern Skills in Evaluating Offers and Tenders and Methods of Implementation

Managing and Establishing Procurement Committees

Contemporary Skills in Contract Management

Modern Management of Stocking Activities

Forecasting Skills of Short-term Needs and Accuracy of Forecasts

Effective and Efficient Inventory Control

Technical Methods and Modern Introductions in Domestic Procurement Systems

Modern Rules and Principles of Waste and Idle Stock Treatment

Understanding and Improving Business Performance

Advanced Management for Directors and Executives: The Complete Leadership, Strategic Planning and Globalization Program

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

Purchasing Techniques, Negotiating & Cost Reduction©. ‏

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