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About Us

About Us

"CINPAA" International Cooperative for New Pedagogy, TRAINING & CONSULTANT is a European institution located in Madrid, Spain, specialized in the fields of training, education, and the new pedagogy. Its programs are carried out in various countries starting from the European Union. It is registered in the Kingdom of Spain under license number: S. COOP. Cif: F-85928125.

And in: UK "England and Wales"Registration Number: 08817670

Its permanent headquarter is in Madrid, and it has representative offices in the Middle East, Arab Gulf, Britain, and Scandinavia.

CINPAA operates worldwide, and it is run by a multinational crew with experience accumulated over more than 15 years. It offers programs and services to governmental, nongovernmental, private, Academic, and educational institutions according to the offered and requested programs, needs, and services.

CINPAA adopts Total Quality in its approach which ensures continuous excellence for us, our partners, and our participants. 



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